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High-profile publications by ESN members

Prof Juan Bolanos 

Glucose metabolism links astroglial mitochondria to cannabinoid effects.

Jimenez-Blasco D, Busquets-Garcia A, Hebert-Chatelain E, Serrat R, Vicente-Gutierrez C, Ioannidou C, Gómez-Sotres P, Lopez-Fabuel I, Resch-Beusher M, Resel E, Arnouil D, Saraswat D, Varilh M, Cannich A, Julio-Kalajzic F, Bonilla-Del Río I, Almeida A, Puente N, Achicallende S, Lopez-Rodriguez ML, Jollé C, Déglon N, Pellerin L, Josephine C, Bonvento G, Panatier A, Lutz B, Piazza PV, Guzmán M, Bellocchio L, Bouzier-Sore AK, Grandes P, Bolaños JP, Marsicano G.

Nature. 2020 Jul 8. doi: 10.1038/s41586-020-2470-y. Online ahead of print. PMID: 32641832

Prof Illana Gozes

Tauopathy in the young autistic brain: novel biomarker and therapeutic target

Iris Grigg, Yanina Ivashko-Pachima, Tom Aharon Hait, Vlasta Korenková, Olga Touloumi, Roza Lagoudaki, Anke Van Dijck, Zlatko Marusic, Mirna Anicic, Jurica Vukovic, R. Frank Kooy, Nikolaos Grigoriadis & Illana Gozes

Translational Psychiatry volume 10, Article number: 228 (2020) https://doi.org/10.1038/s41398-020-00904-4


August 2020

ESN Goes Virtual

November 2019

ESN Milan meeting Young Member Symposium 2019 – what the young scientists think about it

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Young neurochemists – the future of our Society

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October 2019

2019 ESN Bachelard Lectureship Award Lecture

Prof Pam Fredman (Sweden)

ESN – a key start to my scientific and academic career

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March 2019

Registration for the ESN 2019 Milan meeting is open

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February 2019

Call for applications for the Young Members’ Symposium of Milan meeting

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January 2019

Call to nominate candidates for  the

ESN Bachelard Lectureship Award

2019 ESN Young Scientist Lectureship Award


December 2018

wishes for the festive season and Happy New Year 2019

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November 2018

Call for applications of the ESN Neurochemistry Initiative Funding in 2019

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October 2018

ESN council members participated in the APSN biennial meeting, which took place in Macau on August 27-29, 2018

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September 2018

Call for proposals for the location and organization of the Biennial Meeting of the ESN to be held in 2021

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August 2018

ESN actively participated FENS forum in Berlin on July 7-11, 2018

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July 2018

ESN reached the Volga River in Kazan, Russia.

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June 2018

ESN social event at FENS-Forum “ESN & Friends – get together to step forward” – Sunday the 8th of July, 7:00 pm

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May 2018

Russian scientists discussed hot topics in optogenetics and optopharmacology

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March 2018

Call for Proposals for Symposia for the next ESN meeting in September 2019 in Milan, Italy – deadline May 31, 2018

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FENS-Kavli Network of Excellence Nomination for Scholars for 2018-2022 – deadline March 31, 2018

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February 2018

ESN takes part in the FENS Forum in Berlin this summer

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December 2017

ESN Neurochemistry Initiative in action – Polish Neuroscience Society meeting 2017

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September 2017

New officers and council members of ESN from the Paris meeting

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July 2017

Prof Johannes Hirrlinger (Germany) has been elected as ESN Treasurer f and Prof Nico Mitro (Italy) has been elected as ESN Council member.

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Recipient of the 2017 ESN-Young Scientist Lectureship Award is Dr. Clévio Nobrega (Portugal)

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June 2017

ESN  announces eight awardees of the 2017 ESN-Young Members Symposia

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April 2017

Call for the next ESN Meeting in 2019

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ESN Council is inviting to nominate candidates for the ESN Treasurer position and for new positions on the ESN Council

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