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The ESN announces a call for proposals to support European Neurochemistry Initiatives:

1. An amount of up to 4,000 Euro per application can be granted to support initiatives (international conferences, symposia, workshops, meetings) within Europe that are dedicated to promote Neurochemistry in Europe.

2. Applicants, who have to be ESN members, should send a brief description of the scientific activity to be held and a justification of the amount of support requested to the ESN Secretary by electronic mail (ESN Secretary).

3. Deadline for receiving applications is December 15th of the year before the planned initiative is to be held.

4. The ESN Council will decide on the applications and the ESN Treasurer will communicate the decision to the applicant(s) before the end of the year.

5. By accepting the support, applicants are obliged to clearly indicate the sponsorship of the ESN (with logo) in all adverts and announcements of the activity, both in hard copy and in the web, as well as in the Book of Abstracts. A copy of the Book of Abstract should be sent to the ESN Secretary after the activity has taken place, together a short description how the ESN support has been used.

6. ESN Council members are not entitled to apply for this ESN financial support.

Application form (docx)