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How to pay ESN membership fee for the year 2022 & 2023

Dear ESN member,

The ESN membership fee has not changed and is still 25 € per year. The options for payment are described below, so please select the method of payment most appropriate for you. If you wish, you can also pay the fees for extra years (beyond 2023) to reduce money transfer fees.

All ESN members can apply for free ISN membership (instructions). Since ESN is a member of FENS, you will also be a member of FENS!

Options to pay your ESN annual membership fee:

1) Preferred mode of payment: Transfer the 25 € membership fee to the Euro bank account of ESN at the Sparkasse Nienburg (Goetheplatz 4, D-31582 Nienburg) using/giving the following information:

Beneficiary: ESN

Amount: 25 €

ESN account IBAN number: DE33256501060036031185


Payment details: “ESN fee 2023 for ______” (give your name)

2) If you are based in the UK, you can transfer the equivalent of the 25 € membership fee (in Pound Sterling) to the ESN bank account at The Cooperative Bank (Stockport Business Direct, PO Box 250, Skelmersdale, WN8 6WT, UK) using/giving the following information:

Beneficiary: European Society of Neurochemistry (ESN)

ESN account number: 65120763

Amount: 25 € (or equivalent in pounds)

Bank Sort Code: 08 92 99

IBAN number: GB92CPBK08929965120763


Payment details: “ESN fee 2023 for ______” (give your name)

3) PayPal: You can also transfer your membership fee from your PayPal account to: This e-mail address identifies the PayPal account of ESN.

4) You can even send cash to the Treasurer of ESN (Johannes Hirrlinger) who will then transfer the money to the ESN Euro account in your name. However, please be aware that you will face the personal risk that your money may not be received at the Treasurer’s office. Please do not send cheques, as their processing fees are higher than the ESN member’s fee.

If you are based in a non-Euro-Country, bank transfer of 25 € may be quite costly. Alternatively, you should consider joining together with some colleagues in your country and transferring the fees for as many ESN members as you can by one bank transfer. You should also consider asking a friend/colleague who is based in a Euro-Country to do you a favor and transfer the money from their account for your name to the ESN Euro account listed above and arranging reimbursement to your friend/colleague at any convenient opportunity.

Please address further enquiries on the payment of the annual ESN membership fee to the Treasurer of ESN (

Thank you very much for being an ESN member now and in the future.

Johannes Hirrlinger    Illana Gozes             Carlos Duarte

  (President)                    (Secretary)                (Treasurer)