European Society for Neurochemistry (ESN)

is a scientific society with the aim:

  •  to advance Neurochemistry for the public benefit
  •  to promote the development of Neurochemistry in Europe
  •  to promote young neurochemists

ESN is a registered charity in England, Company no. 1098662

“Behavioral, cellular and neurochemical approaches to studying neurodegenerative disorders”

International School supported by the International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN) and University of Belgrade – Faculty of Biology
Deadline – June 10, 2023
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Prof Frode Fonnum (1937-2023)

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Call for ESN Neurochemistry School 2024

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Scholarships for ESN Member Students and Postdoctoral Fellows joining an ESN member laboratory

Call for applications.

DEADLINE – June 15, 2023

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ESN Young Scientist Steering Committee (ESN-YSSC)

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ESN-ISN Neurochemistry School 2023

Save the date!

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First ESN Virtual Conference

Special issue of Journal of Molecular Neuroscience dedicated to the First ESN Virtual conference can be accessed here 


First ESN-ISN 

Advances School 

“From Neurodegeneration to Neural Carcinogenesis: Mechanisms and Common Biologies



Journal of Neurochemistry

The Neurochemistry History article: 

“The origins and early history of neurochemistry and its societies”

Anne I. Boullerne, Paul Foley, Anthony J. Turner, Graham A.R. Johnston, Philip M. Beart

is among the top downloaded articles so why not to read it 

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ISN-ESN Meeting 2023

Porto, Portugal, August 8-11, 2023

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ESN Elections 2023

ESN Council is pleased to announce Elections for the positions of ESN Secretary and two members of ESN Council

Electronic elections will take place on May 15-31, 2023

The nominee for ESN Secretary is Dr Dimitra Mangoura (Greece) 

The nominees for ESN Council members are Dr Clévio Nóbrega (Portugal) 

and Dr Jessica Kwok (UK) 


ESN Neurochemistry Initiative Funding in 2023

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS for 2023 Meetings:

The deadline for receiving applications for 2023 is June 15, 2023

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ESN Council is happy to announce the winners of the 2022 Neurochemistry Initiative Meeting Support:

Conference on neurodevelopmental disorders (7-9 September; Antwerp, Belgium)

European Synapse meeting (20-21 October; Coimbra, Portugal)

Israel Society for Neuroscience (ISFN, 4-6 December; Eilat Israel)

Cerebral open-flow microdialysis as a tool for studying neurochemistry of Parkinson’s disease (Workshop) (5-9 December 2022; Belgrade, Serbia)

BrainPurinergicGroup – WORKSHOP (


Your advantages of being an ESN member are:

  • you get free ISN and FENS membership;
  • you will have reduced registration fees for ESN Conferences, biennial ISN Meetings, biennial FENS Forums and other FENS meetings;
  • you will have free access to Journal of Neurochemistry and all ISN initiatives and funding schemes;
  • you will have free access to European Journal of Neuroscience, FENS higher education and training initiatives and FENS travel stipends;
  • you will have multiple options to actively contribute to the development of Neurochemistry in Europe by:
  • submitting Workshop and Symposium proposals for ESN conferences;
  • suggesting candidates for the ESN Young Scientist Lectureship Award;
  • becoming an organizer of an ESN Conference;
  • becoming a member of the ESN Council.



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ESN is a registered charity in England, Company no. 1098662