European Society for Neurochemistry (ESN)

is a scientific society with the aim:

  •  to advance Neurochemistry for the public benefit
  •  to promote the development of Neurochemistry in Europe
  •  to promote young neurochemists


ESN Travel Awards for the 2020 FENS Forum in Glasgow

Deadline January 15, 2020

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Young neurochemists –
the future of our Society

News from Young Scientists Steering Committee

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Young Member Symposium 2019 –

what the young scientists think about it

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Thanks to organizers and all the participants of the 23rd ESN Biennial Meeting  !

September 1‐4, 2019, Milan, Italy

2019 ESN Bachelard Lectureship Award Lecture

Prof Pam Fredman (Sweden)

ESN – a key start to my scientific and academic career

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Next ESN meeting

ESN mini-conference at the FENS Forum 2020

Molecular mechanisms of cognitive impairment and intellectual disability

July 11, 2020 at 8:30 – 15:00

Preliminary program

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Deadline for abstract submission
March 1-st, 2020

Deadline for registration
April 1-st, 2020


Other meetings

FENS Forum 2020

July 11-15, 2020 Glasgow, UK


We wish you a fantastic festive season and
Happy and Peaceful

New Year 2020!


Your advantages of being an ESN member are:

  • you automatically become an ISN and FENS member.
  • reduced registration fees for ESN Conferences, biennial ISN Meetings, biennial FENS Forum and other FENS meetings.
  • free access to European Journal of Neuroscience, FENS higher education and training initiatives and FENS travel stipends.
  • multiple options to actively contribute to the development of Neurochemistry in Europe by:
  • submitting Workshop and Symposium proposals for ESN conferences.
  • suggesting candidates for the ESN Young Scientist Lectureship Award.
  • becoming an organizer of an ESN Conference.
  • becoming a member of the ESN Council.

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