European Society for Neurochemistry (ESN)

is a scientific society with the aim:

  •  to advance Neurochemistry for the public benefit
  •  to promote the development of Neurochemistry in Europe
  •  to promote young neurochemists


ESN elections 2019

for the ESN Secretary, and 

for positions of ESN Council Members

Deadline, May 31, 2019


ESN secretary:

Prof Illana Gozes, Israel,  Curriculum vitae 

3 positions of ESN Council members:

Prof Pavle Andjus, Serbia, Curriculum vitae

Prof Carlos Duarte, Portugal, Curriculum vitae

Dr. Elena Rybnikova, Russia, Curriculum vitae

Please ballot your votes received by e-mail!

ESN Young Member Symposium

of the ESN Milan meeting

Results are coming soon!

In memoriam Prof. Kazuhiro Ikenaka

 With deepest sadness ESN received the news about the untimely death of ISN President Prof Kazuhiro Ikenaka.

Message of ESN officers

Next ESN meetings

Registration is open!

23rd ESN Biennial Meeting –
7th Conference on Molecular Mechanisms of Regulation in the Nervous System

September 1‐4, 2019, Milan, Italy


Early Bird Registration May 31 ,2019
Abstract submission May 31, 2019
ESN Young member symposium April 15, 2019

Preliminary Programme is available


Other meetings

ISN-ASN 2019

August 4-8, 2019, Montréal

Registration is open!

“10th World Congress of Neuroscience IBRO 2019

September 21-25, 2019 Daegu, Korea

“New horizons in brain medicine: From research to clinics

3rd HBP Curriculum Workshop Series – Brain medicine for non-specialists

 3-5 July 2019 | Medical University Innsbruck, Austria

Your advantages of being an ESN member are:

  • you automatically become an ISN and FENS member.
  • reduced registration fees for ESN Conferences, biennial ISN Meetings, biennial FENS Forum and other FENS meetings.
  • free access to European Journal of Neuroscience, FENS higher education and training initiatives and FENS travel stipends.
  • multiple options to actively contribute to the development of Neurochemistry in Europe by:
  • submitting Workshop and Symposium proposals for ESN conferences.
  • suggesting candidates for the ESN Young Scientist Lectureship Award.
  • becoming an organizer of an ESN Conference.
  • becoming a member of the ESN Council.

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